Your Bi-Weekly Update with Willis 11-07-2022

Hi all,

I am exhausted, busy busy week. But the next 2 weeks aren't slowing down. Thankfully after that I'm away on a break for 3 weeks, but David will still be running the store while I'm away <3. 

Double Masters 2022 stock is in the store. Remember that for anything that's in high demand, rather than low supply, Masters sets will bring the price down only temporarily, and then card prices will go back up again. This is because the number of people who decide they can now buy cards they want to finish decks, is larger than the total amount of Double Masters opened. Also It's a fairly limited print run that has had scarcity issues in the first wave. There might be a second wave, there might not be, there definitely won't be a 3rd wave. I believe prices might drop a little bit further, but if you are looking for anything in Double Masters 2022, now might be the best time to buy.

The other big thing going on in our store right now is Pauper. We are spending a lot of time going through a long list of Pauper staples and adding them all to the store. We are also working on getting a Pauper Collection added to the store that is a list of staples, and not just a list of all the commons in the store. This will take more time though, as I have to add the Pauper tag individually to all copies of cards I want in the collection. Did you know that there are 33 tournament legal copies of Counterspell? That's the card I'm up to currently, I'm going by colour and then alphabetically.

David and I will be in Dunedin this weekend (15th-17th) for the Megazone Legacy and Modern. We will have a lot of value with us, but if you specifically want anything that's in the store currently, please order it ahead of time.

If you just want free shipping (IE us bringing the cards down with us) please choose Pick up in Person at checkout.

If you want cards set aside and figure out a trade for them while we are down, please choose Bank Transfer as Payment Method, and Pick up in Person as Shipping Method.

This has always, and will always be code for "We'll figure it out in person :)."

There's more information in a post on the Dunedin MTG Facebook page.

As work trips usually go, I will be too exhausted and hungover to get an article out next week, but if you remember a while back Toby wrote some articles here. He has been writing some new articles and so you will have one of those to read while I recover from exhaustion + hangover :)

Welp, I think that just about covers everything. Have a great week and I'll see you back here in 2 weeks :)

- Rose Willis

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