PLEASE NOTE: There is currently a ~3week waiting period on any Cash Buylists.


How to Sell Us Cards

Step 1 - Create an Account

Step 2 - Find the cards you wish to sell us on our Buylist

Step 3 - Please select everything as NM and leave the grading to us. Cards that are Played we will buy for 70% of the NM Buy Price and cards that are HP we will buy for 35% of the NM Buy Price. We only buy English language versions of cards. Any cards not on our buylist we buy at $0.005 per card.

Step 4 - Choose Cash or Store Credit (30% Bonus) and Submit your buylist. We can do split payments, just ask. If you choose Store Credit you will get an extra 10% Bonus on any nonfoils from the latest set.

Step 5 - Send your cards to us at:
Rose Willis

22D Trent st 





IMPORTANT!!! - Please make sure your cards are well packed, watertight and in a timely manner (within 1 week please). NZ Post Courier-No Signature is preferred.

Step 6 - We will check the condition of your cards and email you with our offer.

Step 7 - Get paid! Bank Account (NZ only), Paypal, or Store Credit.