Your Bi-Weekly Update with Willis 12-02-2024

So before I start getting into the topic I actually want to talk about today, I want to share something super cool a friend of mine recently finished.

So the first set has come by with us intentionally not buying any while have some small ability to do so. Instead we spent that money on a collection that gave us substantionally more stock as a result. We've still got the bulkier rares of that collection to sort into the store still.

While I'm pretty happy overall, that first week or so, when you all are saving money then spending it on new set cards was rougher than usual (and it's usually somewhat rough), but as you started discovering that we have new cards on the store that we haven't had in a while, orders started picking up again. We still have a lot of those cards, especially those on the more expensive side ($20+). So overall I'm calling it a win so far, we will see how this continues though throughout the year.

I'm really looking forward to this Modern/Legacy event we are sponsering in March, I can't wait <3.

- Rose Willis

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