Your Bi-Weekly Update with Willis 04-10-2021

Hi all,

I have been doing a bit less and less OK, over the last few Days. Covid/Lockdown is really starting to get to me, something which feels a bit backwards compared to a lot of my friends/family but let me explain.

I love international travel, I love waking up in a new city, a new culture, surrounded by nothing I recognize and I can wander even as little a 5mins in any direction and find new things, cultures and mtg community's and other things I didn't know existed.

When lockdown first happened, I'd had an international trip the previous year. I had already decided to spend that year in NZ and not go anywhere. I was content, and the first Covid didn't affect me that much, while a bunch of friends and family I have were freaking out and having breakdowns. Now it's been longer, the itch is back, NZ is starting to feel like a bit of a prison cell, and it's really getting to me mentally. I want to head back overseas so badly :(.

The state of competitive magic also isn't helping. Wizards deciding to move entirely towards the casual market (which is understandable, I image twitch streamers make them so much more money and advertising than things like the Pro Tour and Worlds ever did), but this also means that outside of Dunedin there doesn't seem to be any Full Weekend events. A Legacy event here and there, but to fly out of Christchurch up north I really wish there were more 2 day events + the FNM on the Friday. Even if it's just something like Modern Saturday, Legacy Sunday. 

Please if your local store does run these sorts of events (once we are out of level 2), could you let me know? I'd love to do some travelling and playing.

As far as our store goes, we have a bit of a backlog of cards we need to add into the store. NM cards are all done, but we have a pretty big pile of PL cards to go.

 So yeah, those are my updates this week. I hope you are doing well, I hope  you are doing better than I am, and I hope you are still enjoying the Midnight Hunt <3.

- Rose Willis


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