Your Bi-Weekly Update with Willis 27-09-21

We are back and what should be well rested from our holiday. I however came down with a bit of a cold just before leaving and David's had a Covid Jab so we are a bit behind >_>. Our stock of Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is in the store available for you to buy and that feels like the most important thing.

We have a small amount of cards to go into the store we picked up in Westport, and it was great to catch up with everyone there. We are also looking into the cards added on the wishlist and doing our best to let you know when cards become available.

A big mtg event was recently announced in Las Vegas. Now that doesn't mean much for us here, but hopefully it's a sign of things to come. I really miss GP-like events.

Are you enjoying the new set?

I'll see you all next week,

- Rose Willis


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