Your Bi-Weekly Update with Willis 07-11-2021

Hi all,

It's been a fairly quiet week so I don't really know what to talk about. It's coming closer and closer to Christmas which tends to be our quietest part of the year, as singles don't really make good Christmas as usually one side doesn't know exactly the cards the other side wants. We are working on getting gift cards set up to help with this :).

Crimson Vow is another interesting change for this year. Having a set release so close to Christmas is very unusual. I hope you guys are all excited of it. Myself I really really don't do Vampires so it's not the set for me, but there still looks like some very cool cards in and amongst those :).

I myself am pretty excited about the Legendary Frog. But I'm sure most of you are enjoying many many more cards than I am.

Enjoy your week and we shall see you next week.

- Rose Willis


A reminder that we've also been working hard on the Old School, Fancy Basic Land, and In Stock Foils collections. Be sure to check these out too.

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