Your Bi-Weekly Update with Willis 01-11-2021

Hi All,

Due to back problems, the best way to fix them seems to be sitting in my office chair fairly regularly doing work. Because of this I've managed to chew through piles and piles of sorting we've been behind on. 

All of the cards we've been intending to get sorted, we are all caught up on. A collection came in during the week and that's been sorted too. Then we've gone the reserved list box and added the non-HP copies we have to the store. They'll be in the reserved list collection. We have some old cards that are not reserved list to go through, but once we've done that we'll basically be caught up.

Basically caught up.... now that's a thought. Given that we are always behind, being caught up feels very very strange. Clearly you need to give us some work to do :P.

Enjoy your week and I'll see you next week,

- Rose Willis

A reminder that we've also been working hard on the Old School, Fancy Basic Land, and In Stock Foils collections. Be sure to check these out too.

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