Your Bi-Weekly Update with Willis 09-10-2023

10OFF20 - 10% off cards $20 and over - ends Midnight Monday 16th of October.
FOIL15 - 15% off everything in the Instock Foils collection - ends Midnight Monday 16th of October ( )


Hi all,

Our GST bill is a wee bit more than we expected, so that asks for us to pull out the stops. What this means for you. The 10OFF20 sale is being extended a week, along with it we have a new sale FOIL15 detailed above. Thirdly I am taking apart my precious EDH's I've been slowly working on for a couple of years in order to give you more options to purchase.

Please, it has not been the best of years for us and we could really use your help right now.

- Rose Willis

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