Your Bi-Weekly Update with Willis 02-10-2023

Discount code is 10off20. Enter this code at checkout or you won't get the discount.


All right as promised last week here are the details of our sale. The code is 10OFF20 and it gives you 10% off all cards over $20. As per usual this doesn't apply to store credit, cash only. So bank transfer, Afterpay, Credit Card, Paypal etc... are all welcome but not store credit.

I've always explained this in magic terms. Cash is the usual way to purchase cards, Sales are an alternate cost and store credit is an alternate cost. As we all know, you can't use 2 different alternate costs to pay for the same card.

The sale will last 1 full week starting today at 6am and finishing next Monday (9th) at midnight.

 There is one other thing I wanted to discuss today. As part of trying to increase our Search Engine Optimization I have added a mega menu to the website so you can find often used pages no matter where on the website you are. You can find it under Browse Singles and it currently links to:
Browse Latest Set
Browse All Cards

And the following collections:
Latest Arrivals
Latest Standard Set
Latest Non-Standard Set
Latest Extra Sheet
Latest Commander Set
Cards over $40
Instock Foils
Pauper Staples
50 Cent Rares

My question to you all is this. Are there any other pages you often visit on our website that you wish you could access no matter which page you are on?

I really appreciate any feedback here as it will help us to improve your experience on our website.

- Rose Willis

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