Your Bi-Weekly Update with Willis 13-06-2022

Hi all,

Today I want to talk about Draft Booster Boxes, and why we won't be opening them on launch weekend anymore. Our Collector Booster Boxes are late, so we still need to price those up, but for numerous reasons we are thinking of moving to those instead.

So here are some problems with draft booster boxes:

We got 4 draft boxes of Commander Legends 2 at wholesale price (Around $180 a box). Between the cost of those 4 boxes, and the amount I had to pay to my employee and additional help getting everything sorted away, the total I lost was around $1000.

If we sold everything we put into the store (all rares/mythics and then all other cards over $1NZD) on Launch day we'd make $825. As of writing this on Saturday 11th of June at Midday prices have already started dropping.

We didn't do poorly on our 4 boxes either. 3 Archivist of Oghma, A red Mythic Dragon, and a handful of other dragons, mythics, and around 7 or 8 Dual Lands.

We always knew cracking boxes was where we were losing the most money. It's been our Loss Leader. You guys want the newest cards on Launch, and in order to give you some we take aim to take a little bit of a hit to make sure we have these cards for you. Absolute best case Scenario losing $200 is not really ideal.

But it gets worse. 2-3 orders in, and by 11am Saturday, most of our big hitters that you are all looking for on Launch weekend are gone. 2 of the Achivists, all of our Dragons, all of our Duals, all gone. We still have a pile of bulk rares, but that's not what drives you to come to our store on release, is it?

Then there's the time spent sorting away commons and uncommons, so that you can grab some from us further down the line. This costs more in labour to sort away than it makes us in profit, no only on launch, but long-term as well.

We are hoping that the biggest upside of opening Collector Booster boxes is that between opening more of the cards that you want on launch, and spending less time sorting bulk that our margins are a lot more manageable, and you get more of what you want from us on Launch.

We will still be buying draft booster boxes of masters and horizon sets, that's a different story.

- Rose Willis


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