Your Bi-Weekly Update with Willis 20-06-2022

Hi all,

We've finally gotten most of the Dunedin Collection cards into the store, I'll talk about that in a bit, and also we got the last of our Commander Legends 2 stock into the store and I want to talk about that first.

We got insanely lucky in our first 2 collector boxes, opening 2 of the extended foil ancient dragons. But even our 3rd box which we lost $100 on, provided all the cards sold Thursday when they went into the store still gave us more of what we want on launch. More mythics, more new commander cards, and hopefully more of what has drawn you into the new set. We will likely be buying these going forward.

We tried a couple of set boxes as well, but for CL2 they are known as being a high variance crap-shoot so we will be trying those again with Dominaria United. Our plan for that set currently is ordering 4 Set Boxes and 3 Collector Boxes and seeing how that goes.

I thought we'd got a bit lucky on our 3 boxes, and also I wanted to check the value of the foil extended ancient dragons on our website are accurate (as we often get foils being way overpriced just because we choose to use TCG Mid as the base of our prices.)

Can confirm those prices are accurate and also unlikely to dip from that much if at all. The chances to open any given extended art foil dragon are about 1 in every 352 collector packs, or 1 in a little under 30 collector boxes, or 1 in a little under 1 in every 5 collector cases.

That puts their rarity at about halfway between the blue and the green neon Hidetsugu's from Kamigawa. Except of course that people actually want these cards to play with.


Right. Going back to the Dunedin Collection. We have about 700 cards left to grade and price for our first tour through the boxes. On our second time through we want to take a closer look at what commons you guys might want. The problem with this is, as far as I can tell, there is significantly more desire for Pauper in the North Island than there is in the south. As such I have 0 idea about what's playable in the format other than looking at the MTG Goldfish stats.

Is there any chance someone who actually plays the format regularly could message me with a list of the top 50 or so commons that players are looking for and potentially struggling to find? We will prioritize those when we go through our boxes a second time.

Lastly, Kitchen Finks being a bulk uncommon that sees no play makes me feel old and sad :P.

- Rose Willis