Your Bi-Weekly Update with Willis 24-04-2022

Hi all,

I can talk a little bit more about my exciting news this week. I've sourced a couple of bigger collections, and in total it's going to give me at least double the stock I currently have.. I'm very excited and I hope you are too. It doesn't get into our hands until May 9th, so due to the size of it all you probably won't see cards listed here until at least that weekend (the 15th). Possibly longer.

However growth is our goal this year, and this a great first step towards that. The goals are having more stock for you, being able to hold stock for longer, paying my employee a full-time wage, being able to travel more, and take advantage of more deals when they show up.

All in all a very exciting time for us, and we look forward to your continued support throughout <3. Without you all we wouldn't have gotten nearly this far and that continues to both blow my mind and leave me feeling blessed.

The other thing surrounding this, is the business loan we are getting to afford all this we were expecting on the first of May. It's come in a bit earlier than that, so if you are looking to sell cards, we are buying, however big or small you are wanting to move.

In the meantime we should have New Capenna stock in next weekend, and that in and of itself is exciting. Myself, I keep thinking about The Beamtown Bullies as a Commander Deck, on one hand it feels super interesting and keeps popping up in my brain, while on the other I know it's a deck I'd build, play for like 4 games, and then my playgroup would be well sick of it and I'd end up taking it apart.

Also in the meantime we've been going through a ton of stock that's been lying around waiting to be sorted. Nothing super important, but we want to sort our old stock entirely before all this new stock comes in :). So you'll see a bit of that too. Some janky reserved list stuff, some stuff from EDH's taken apart, and a pile of commons and uncommons that used to be EDH staples but haven't been in a while.

I hope all of you have an excellent week,

- Rose Willis


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