Your Bi-Weekly Update with Willis 25-03-2024

Hi All,

Firstly I just want to say thank you for all of your orders, we appreciate each and every one. Keep it up!

Last week I sold the last of my personal cards to the store on the understanding that the store pays me for those cards only after we've paid off all our other debt.

That was my Legacy deck MUD. It's tough to see a deck you've played for decades go, but lets be honest, the deck wasn't actually good, and contained too many $500+ cards for its power level. Also I only played it about twice a year. Still, it will be missed...

We've got through most of the cards we picked up in Dunedin and added them to the store, though we've still got about 4000 cards in the category of commons and uncommons under $2 sell price we need to grade and add to the store.

It's a busy time, but busy is good. I honestly wish we were this busy all year round <3

Oh, there is a couple of other things while I remember. A guy by the name of Toby Hawkes is selling some super cool old school stuff over on the NZ MTG Marketplace Facebook Page. I'm not in a position where I can personally afford it, and it's not quite cheap enough for the business to purchase it given how hard it will be to move, but I know there are some old school players about who might find these super interesting.


Lastly, some albino antiquities cards showed up on the Major Misprint facebook page. These are super expensive and probably sold by now, (The Strip Mine I believe sold for $14000 USD just to give you an idea). However, these cards are ones I find super interesting and pretty, and I'm sharing them because I'm sure some of you out there will agree with me <3.

Have a great week!

- Rose Willis

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