Your Bi-Weekly Update with Willis 25-10-2021

Hi All,

Firstly I want to apologize for the lack of article last week. I was in immense pain, and on top of that had recently gotten my second Covid Jab. Writing a post that just said "NO" felt like way too much work.

All the sorting for our backlog of cards has been sorted into the store now, except the folder, which should happen in the not-too-distant future.

Our foil/pimp list process has changed. We are putting most of the foils we think you will likely have an interest in, into the store for a couple of weeks once they arrive. Our In Stock Foils collection should now be working as intended too.

I also got around to sorting and adding my Old School (93/94) cards to the store. You can check out that collection here.

Cards in that collection have been graded a little more liberally than the rest of out stock just because of the age. But I hope that you will find they are more than satisfactory nonetheless. 

In going through that collection, my Beta, Signed, Crusade always sticks out to me, and I never know what to do with it. And the racist cards in general. Rich Shay is (was) a Vintage player I have a lot of respect for. He wrote an article on why doesn't like Wizard's approach to these racist cards, and you should definitely give it a read. I agree with basically all he talks about.

TL:DR is that the list was created by a white man who doesn't understand and didn't talk to the people who are most impacted by these cards, but chose them mostly to save face. Rather than trying to ignore cards from a history you no longer like, and pretend they don't exist. It's better to leave them out there and let them be a talking point, especially from those who are affected the most, to explain exactly what happened and how these impacted those people.

Given that a lot of my customers won't read this, and that some will make assumptions if I list these cards without looking into exactly why, I feel it's the best choice to follow Card Kingdom, TCG, and CFB in taking the public stance of "we do not deal in these cards".

I say "public stance" because whenever someone tries to erase a collectible, it just becomes more valuable. Look at Summer Magic as a clear example. Anyone who's spent a decent time looking at finance, will know that while publicly these "racist" are something to avoid mentioning too much, it's also worth hording any copies you see, because even the ones that aren't Reserved List status, are now, and prices will continue to climb behind the scenes.

I hope you have a wonderful week, and enjoy your Halloween celebrations. In a move that seems to shock people every year, even though it is a regular occurrence. I have finished my Christmas shopping (with the exception of one gift).

- Rose Willis

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