Your Bi-Weekly Update with Willis 27-11-2023

Thank you all so much those of you who have bought from us during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale. Reminder that ends at Midnight tonight. Use code "1050" to save 10% on all orders over $50.

We may end up having more expenses that we'd like. Our washing machine broke over the weekend and I'll call people to repair it tomorrow. Hopefully it's an easy fix and not something we have to replace entirely =/.

David and I both seem to have worked ourselves sick over these last 3 weeks spending so much of our time on sorting cards and getting them into the store. We've got in all the cards over $2 from the first collection and none of the cards I traded for in Dunedin. We have a second collection that's just come in that we aren't touching until after our flat inspection in a couple of days and a third collection coming in on Thursday. Busy busy busy.

- Rose Willis

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Jesse Wills

Jesse Wills

Hope you two get well soon 🙏

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