Your Bi-Weekly Update with Willis 20-11-2023

Wow it's incredible how fast things can change from dead quiet to hectically busy. 2  weeks ago we picked up a collection, of which the NM cards (3000 odd) are currently in the store and after they actually get put away then the PL (which are more) will be added to the store after that.

The Dunedin trip went well, did some trading, though not as much as if David was with me, came back with buylists in tow that I needed to work on here. Hopefully I'll get that done tonight (Sunday 19th I'm writing this).

David is heading to Invercargill this weekend to pick up another collection and will be in town until Saturday evening for anyone wanting to give or pick up cards from him. It's his first solo business trip, which is exciting. Something he will possibly do more of if it all goes well :).

Then there's Black Friday which is this weekend. I would normally be on top of it sooner, but as you can see, life's been busy :). The Black Friday sale will run from 12.01am Friday 24th to 11.59pm Monday 27th. The discount code is 1050 and gets you 10% off everything store wide, but only with a minimum order amount of $50.

- Rose Willis

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