Your Bi-Weekly Update with Willis 28-03-2022

HHi all,

I want to mention some things that I forgot to mention last week. While I'm coming up for eternal weekend and I'm really looking forward to that, I'm also taking the train down to Hamilton for a week afterwards. It's one of the few places around New Zealand that I've never visited, and I'm interested in discovering what the MTG scene is like around there. It'd be nice to play some FNM, but with it being Easter Friday it'd surprise me if stores are open :(.

On the cards side of things, everything from the Dunedin Trip is sorted away now, but there are a couple of things still to go. I bought the Neon Dynasty G/R commander deck, and now that I've built the deck how I want it, I have a pile of spare cards from that deck to sort away.

I also found over $250 of Shrines while going through our bulk uncommon boxes, so those should be available in the next couple of days also :)


 Hope you all are having a great week,

- Rose Willis


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