Your Bi-Weekly Update with Willis 21-03-2022

Hi all,

To say I'm all recovered would be a bold faced lie, but I am coping a bit better than I was. I've figured out what I think I need to do, and I'm working towards making that happen.

Hope you have all been well in my absence. I'm heading up to Auckland for Eternal Weekend in 3 weeks and I'm super keen to play some Old School. I hope those of you who have been buying my Old School cards are also in attendance, it's so rare that we get to play this format. this is the event, there's Vintage, Modern, Legacy and Pauper happening too. These are the Old School rules that will be used, it is not Eternal Central Rules so it's slightly different. Strip Mine is restricted along with other changes to the banned list and Mana Burn is in effect so it's worth checking out the article.

I'll be bringing up most of my ABU cards, so if you're interested in trading towards any of them this will be good opportunity to look at the condition in person. Our grading scale really doesn't do cards like these justice.

For those of you not interested in Old School, I've been given permission to trade in the store, and if you order cards from the website I can either give them to you at the event, or if you'd rather trade for them in person I can set them aside for you to do so. Bank Deposit should be used along with a note or an email to signify that you want to trade at the event.

Card Merchant has politely requested that I do not sell cards, or talk about selling cards in their store, so please respect that.

Anyways, that's all from me today, I'll see you all next week.

- Rose Willis



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