Your Bi-Weekly Update 21-02-2022

Hi All,

It's been a bit of a rough week. I'll go into why in just a little bit, but first I want to talk some happy things, and have a we old-woman rant.

I've been drafting Kamigawa Neon Dynasty and it's a lot of fun. Incredibly deep and very complex, especially around combat. A lot of people are underestimating Experimental Synthesizer at the moment, and the card is absolutely bonkers, I firmly have it as the best red common. It draws you 2 cards, and is a sac fodder for Voltage Surge among many many other cards in the format. And then recurring it is insane.

So uh, I have another rant regarding Mechtitan Core. Mostly I'm sick of the number of people I hear calling it a Power Rangers reference. While this is technically true, both of them are Voltron, Defender of the Universe References, a series 10 years older. Ready To Form Voltron | VOLTRON: DEFENDER OF THE UNIVERSE - YouTube

What really gets to me, is that we already use Voltron in mtg to describe (usually commander) decks where we dump a whole heap of equipment or aura's on one creature, combining it into a much stronger version of itself. And then we actually get a Voltron Card, and people start calling it Power Rangers? Makes me wanna rant and rant.

As a side note, if I still haven't convinced you on Voltron, Transformers is also 10 years older than power rangers and very much does the combining thing.


 This brings us to the less than happy news.


A friend of mine (mid-30's) is in Hospital with a stroke. While he's young and strong and every day is better than the last, it's been over a week so far and he still hasn't gotten to a place where he can speak or tell us what's on his mind.

So yeah, if I come across a little bit stressed out, that will be why. Friends and distractions have been excellent at this time <3.

- Rose Willis

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