Hi All,

I'm not in the mood to be doing a blog post this weekend, but I have a lot of close friends in the magic community and I feel an explanation of what's going on with me right now is important.

I've had a breakdown from stress. The stroke thing mentioned in the article last week was definitely the pushing point, but there's more going on than that.

I've escaped to my parents on the west coast, don't worry about the website and the store. David is on top of it, he's doing an absolutely incredible job, and the fact that he can take care of it as though nothing's happened at a drop of a hat is nothing short of incredible. Your orders will be handled, your cards shipped, and if you need anything please email him at davidharragan@gmail.com.

I don't want to go into detail about every little thing that's bothering me, and neither do you probably want to hear it, but I will mention one thing.

This covid has basically taken away everything that attracts me towards this career. I love spending time and getting to know people, and I love to travel to events. The tri-monthly events Megazone hosts seems to be my only outlet at the moment.

Travelling, meeting new people and being in new places are the things that really get me excited, and it's a significant reason for why I got into this job to start with. I was happy living on $20 free spending each week because I got to travel to events all over the place and meet new people, new cultures, but also that feeling of just connecting with magic players event if you don't share a common language.

With the business exploding the way it has with the website my guilt-free spending (after rent and groceries) is over $200, and that's helping, but as it turns out, not enough.

It's not a problem I know how to fix, especially with Covid continuing to get in the way. 

I have things I enjoy in life, but nothing that really sparks excitement, and it's that spark and that excitement that, as it turns out, rejuvenates all the stress.

I won't be writing next week, and the week after is the Dunedin event and I'll be way too busy/exhausted. So hopefully you'll hear from me in 3 weeks.

- Rose Willis