Your Bi-Weekly Update with Willis 6-11-2023

Some weeks there's almost nothing I can think of to talk about. This is not one of those weeks.

Firstly the Alpha Braingeyser saga is finally over!!!! I believe I went into this in a previous blog post, but basically the summarize, we sent it overseas, Card Kingdom didn't want it, apparently 15+ year old water damage on a card that is perfectly sleeve playable is below HP in their eyes /sigh....

So they shipped it back to us, except they claimed it's value was equal to their NM buy price even though they weren't willing to pay that. NZ asked me to pay tax on that amount for the card coming into the country (which came to more than a 3rd of what we bought the card to start with). So it got shipped back to CK, who shipped it to a US friend of mine (this process took a couple of months for some reason) and she shipped it to another US store who decided they did want to buy it, though for around the cost that we paid for it, so we are up a bunch of valuable lessons and down the costs involved in getting it sold.

Anyways, that's the short version of this whole saga and I'm just super glad it's over and I don't need to think about it anymore.


Second update is that I will be in Dunedin this weekend!!! Currently the plan is to be at the prerelease at Card Merchant Friday night and Saturday. I'm flying out Sunday morning as the Halo Effect is playing on Sunday the 12th of November in Christchurch and I really really don't want to miss that <3.

If you are in Dunedin and want me to bring down specific cards, either for free shipping or to trade with me, now is the time to get those orders in.


Last update is that we are dropping our buylist prices for cards in the new Ixalan set and probably standard sets moving forward.

Prices are so volatile early on in a sets release that for cards with a sell price over $10 we are paying 30% less on across the board until 2 weeks after the set is released. We are hoping that in this way we don't get so burned on standard set releases moving forward.


I hope you all enjoy your prereleases and if you are in Dunedin I'll see you there!

- Rose Willis

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